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I am a Singer/Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist.

About Me

I'm a Scottish talking, Cello playing, Guitar strumming, Piano smashing, Ukelele bashing, Mad Rooo-ing Singer/Songwriter of Irish descent. I launched my debut EP "Entry Point" in late 2016. I've been writing and arranging music and performing live music for the last 10 years, playing both Solo and with one of Ireland's top wedding band "The Marty Fay Band". I'm currently working on my new album as well as creating instrumental tracks and arrangements for other top musicians. I've also spent considerable time teaching as a classroom Music Teacher at several high schools across Scotland.

Debut EP: Entry Point

Entry Point, was my much anticipated debut EP, bringing my first four studio tracks to the public. Entry Point, is a result of years of writing and experimenting, with rich cello, piano and acoustic guitar parts - sure to have your feet tapping from beginning to end.


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